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Each year around 1.5 million shelter animals are euthanized. Join us in helping to save injured and homeless dogs and cats in our community. Foster, adopt or donate today! 


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Perfect Paws Animal Advocates

Perfect Paws Animal Advocates is a 501(c)(3) non-profit animal rescue organization. Powered by volunteers (and coffee), the PerfectPaws mission is to advocate, rescue and rehome homeless animals in our community. 

We STRONGLY advocate spay/neuter and connect pet owners with resources and education to prevent unwanted litters and animals in shelters.

Rehabilitate, Vaccinate and Provide Care

To sick, injured or abandoned animals in our community. This includes trips (sometime out of town) for Veterinary care.

Find Foster Parents and Homes

Find loving, patient and nurturing foster parents to provide care until adoption. Complete an application today!

Facilitate Adoptions & Events

Screen animals and people to provide the best match for FOREVER homes! View our adoptable pets or submit adoption application today!

TNR Service for Feral Cat Colonies

Work with local businesses and individuals to monitor and provide TNR services for feral cat colonies.

Help Homeless Camp Pets

Donate pet food and supplies to homeless camp pets in our communities.

Fundraise for Sick Injured Animals

So many animals need treatment for large procedures such as amputations, heart worm treatment and other life-saving surgical procedures. We create fundraisers for individuals to be able to help these specific cases that need extensive veterinary care.


Available Pets

Getting Involved

We Need Your Help

Fostering & Adoption

Always want to be a super hero? Now’s your chance! By fostering or adopting a homeless, lost or abused animal in your community you’ll be helping decrease overcrowding in shelters, connecting great animals with great people and saving lives. It’s hard work, but we guarantee you’ll feel like a super hero when you help someone find their best friend. Download an adoption application to get started today!

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MakING a Donation

Not everyone can foster or adopt but there are still so many ways you can get involved. By joining us on social media, sharing our posts or making a donation you’ll be helping us reach more people and save more animals. All donations go directly to spay/neuter efforts, cover veterinary costs, provide food and medications to sick or injured animals. 


Send Us a Message

Interested in becoming a volunteer or fostering a pet in need? Please contact us! There is an overwhelming amount of pets in our community needing help. We do our best to respond to each inquiry about animals in need.